Get Involved

Now that we know the "What" and the "Why" this is going to be the fun part. "How" we are going to do it. I am going to ask everyone to "GET INVOLVED" Everyone who has seen enough of the "Change We Can Believe in" president, please join me.

Click on the link below to download and print our "Top Ten" flyer with the reasons why we must STOP OBAMA NOW. I know what your thinking only ten reasons, I bet you can name a lot more. Hang with me --- we'll get there.

Join in the discussions - your input here will be heard. Express your ideas and exchange them with each other.

Okay back to the task at hand, click on the link below to print out this "Top Ten" list and distribute them locally - share them with your friends and co-workers, and repost or link to the PDF on your Facebook page, Twitter, MySpace, blog or personal website. We are in this together, and together, we can STOP OBAMA NOW!

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